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Fashion Friday- November 17/17

Wow, long time my friends. A month to be exact. Let’s just say being a full time teacher, full time mommy (single half the time) is proving to be quite difficult. Sometimes I feel like I’m failing in all aspects of my life, doing everything half committed, nothing 100%. If any of you have any… Continue reading Fashion Friday- November 17/17

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Spring Wardrobe Inspiration

Hey everyone! It’s March! Spring is near! There has been some sunshine as of late which is nice but the temperatures aren’t very Spring like. I’m impatiently waiting for the sunshine and green grass and most importantly sandals! I was hoping I would have lost this baby weight by now but unfortunately I have not… Continue reading Spring Wardrobe Inspiration

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Eco-Friendly Jewelry

Let’s talk jewelry! Everyone loves jewelry. In fact I love all accessories; handbags, shoes, hair pieces and of course jewelry. The act of finding the perfect piece to accessorize that great outfit is such an amazing feeling. Right now I’m really crushing on a company called Color by Amber. They make such great pieces! They have earrings,… Continue reading Eco-Friendly Jewelry